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About GGEA

History of GGEA

About GGEA

Gyan Ganga Educational Academy came into existence in July 1992 through a joint venture of like minded people, as a body corporate, totally dedicated to the cause of education and community service. The institution has been made self sustainable including it gradual growth and development year, after year, without any donation or grant and achieved high repute of Senior Secondary Co‑Educational English Medium, Residential & Day Boarding Academy certified by the ISO 9001: 2000 for Quality Management System Further the aim of the Academy is to provide Collegiate Education in all branches and disciplines and earn repute as a universal pedestal of learning.

In the year 1996 Gyan Ganga Family started their second school namely Gyan Ganga Academy, Bhopal. It is the reputation and the projected image of Raipur school, and overwhelming response of the parents and the public that encouraged the Gyan Ganga family to set up another similar Institution in the capital city of the Madhya Pradesh.

In the year 2000 Gyan Ganga Family started their third venture as Gyan Ganga Public School at Jabalpur. In a very span of time the school has established a benchmark in the field of education in Mahakaushal region. It is a joint venture with the Watch man Group, Jabalpur.

In the year 2003 we entered into the field of technical education by establishing Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences (GGITS) at Jabalpur. The institute is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and is affilited to RGPV, Bhopal. It offers bachelor course in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Founder GGEA

Late Shri UK Shandilya

( Founder Chairman )

A vision committed to the parents by our founder

In view of our aims, objectives, the high quality and the standard of education, par excellence assured which the Academy promises to impart, I feel that you will permit us to adopt your child at the very start of his/her real schooling.

We will give all the fatherly and motherly care to the child for the fullest overall development of his/her personality.

It shall be the GYAN GANGA family's utmost and sincere endeavour, through personalised individualistic attention, to discover and promote the talent and potentialities of your ward in such a away that he/she may be well groomed in the true "Guru-Shishya Parampara" and our cultural heritage, to grow as a worthy Citizen - a person of high intellectual, physical, moral, and spiritual attainments, and imbibed with personal traits of value in life, and all the qualities of head and heart with stress on the rare and much needed virtues like integrity, character, devotion self-discipline, sense of durty, enthusiasm, and endeavour.

The Philosophy

Children epitomise hopes, dreams, ...the Future and just like the skilled hands of a potter, a school moulds the child, resulting in a person groomed to realise his or her true potential as an individual.

In the Gyan Ganga Educational Academy, we think of ourselves as skilled potters :-Imparting knowledge beyond the prescribed curriculum, inculcating a healthy respect and understanding of traditional values, yet firing the imagination, to help nurture worthy citizens.


To empower our student to be academically excellent, holistic with scientific temperament in the cause of excellence in education.


To prepare the student for achieving overall development of personality and to become a responsible citizen with virtues like self‑discipline sense of duty, enthusiasm and endeavour to acquire physical, moral and spiritual attainments.

To achieve their goals, opportunities are provided to the students to think for themselves and develop individuality.

The quality Policy

We are committed and determined to mould the students into the cast of an upright citizen by providing holistic education through continual improvement in different educational frame work, so that they should enrich their confidence to face the new challenges of global era with a view to prove their excellence in education and community services, thereby enhancing satisfaction level of all concerned.

Objective: To instill in child a regular school going habit.

Methodology: Monitor daily attendance and updating monthly.

Objective: Meticulous implementation of the planned academic calendar.

Methodology: Compare planned syllabus with actual completion status.

Objective: Continuous research and re‑orientation workshop to envisage teaching methodology.

Methodology: : Organise training / Workshops for teachers.

Objective: Continuous up gradation of infrastructure and availability of modern amenities for creating good academic environment and atmosphere.

Methodology: To compute addition to infrastructure.

Objective: Achieving the Excellency in academy by result oriented approach.

Methodology: To calculate the number of students passed.

Objective: Over‑all development of the personality of the student giving emphasis on extra-curricular activities.

Methodology: conduct different types of events/activities in an academic year.

Objective: To provide highest standard of education by nurturing & cultivating the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

Methodology: By initiating technology based education.

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